What is the purpose of a memoir? | Pandi Jaí Krochet


What is the purpose of a memoir?

                    We all write memoirs in our own different ways for our own different reasons; but we can all agree that the process of writing a memoir can prove to be highly therapeutic. Recalling crucial events in your life, and precisely analyzing it can cause you to see things that your eyes weren't ready to show you. Whether good or bad, you take some sort of closure or lesson by the end of your piece. It allows you to open your perspective on your memory just a little wider and sometimes obtain some peace of mind; without even knowing it, you have shared your story and your story is similar to someone else's stories or a few others' stories. You'll find out that whether good or bad someone out there is going through what you've gone through. And it doesn't always have to be depressing or serious; there could be memories that were very significant to you becoming who you are that were funny or pleasant but that's the whole point of constructing memoirs- it's about you. You would consider them to be more entertaining/appealing to the public than autobiographies because memoirs are more personal, and less robotic like an autobiography. Memoirs focus more on feeling than facts which is most likely more relatable and maybe even proven to be more effective than an autobiography; because we can connect and understand on a whole different level what other people go through or have gone through as if we experienced it, ourselves. Almost like a figurative version of the saying, "take a walk in someone else's shoes". I think that if I were to start a memoir right now, I’d write about the experiences that influenced me the most last year, 2017. Being that it was such a strenuous year for me and my family, I believe that quite a few people would at least be able to relate, connect with and maybe understand my story and the lessons I’ve taken from them now; and maybe years later when I read it over I’ll find an even bigger message in the picture.

- Morgan, C.